Monday, January 28, 2013

2013 Pens for Paws March 12-16!

A few rules changed for 2013, so please check out the How It Works page above.

Let's make 2013 even bigger for the Pens for Paws Auction! Items will be posted on this blog from March 12th through the 16th, with bidding open for TWO days on each item.

Donations will be accepted through March 10, but the earlier you can let me know what you'd like to donate the better, so that I can get everything scheduled ahead of time. Please keep the following in mind as you consider what you would like to donate:

  • The donor is responsible for postage/mailing their item to the winner. Please take that into consideration for the value of your item.
  • Minimum bids will not be set on any items. This may mean that your item goes for less than you expected, but it also allows people (including kids) who may not have as much funds available to participate
So what kinds of items are we looking for?

  • Books: signed editions, ARCs, swag (bookmarks, postcards, tie-ins), etc
  • Critiques or editorial services: these generate a lot of interest on their own, or you may want to donate a critique along with your book
  • Artwork: prints, jewelry, crochet, knitwork, custom art or web design
  • Your item does not need to be cat- or pet-oriented--it's all good!
Please go to the Donate page above to find out how to let me know about your item. Any questions, please email pensforpawsauction (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thank you!


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Bidding on items will close at 9PM EST (by Blogger's timestamp) two days later. Bid comments left after the close will not be counted.

You must include an email address and amount with EACH BID, like

so we can contact you to confirm you have the winning bid; if you do not claim your item within 24 hours, it will go to the next highest bidder.

It's okay to disguise your address from bots by using the format
example (at) fakeaddress (dot) com

You'll have one week to make your payment, but you must reply to our email or tweet to claim your item--PLEASE WAIT TO MAKE YOUR PAYMENT UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED YOUR EMAIL CONFIRMING YOU HAD THE WINNING BID. Payment is to be made through the PayPal button in our sidebar.

Now that the business stuff is out of the way, we look forward to some frantic bidding to support the kitties!