How It Works

How It Works (also see the What to Expect When the Auction Starts post here)

Comments on auction items are for BIDDING ONLY. Please post your bids in the comments sections, along with your email contact (it's okay to disguise it from web bots, like emailaddy (at) gmail (dot) com ).

1. Auction items will be listed in individual posts. Your contact info MUST be in each comment/bid in order for it to count.

2. Auctions will close at 9:00 PM Eastern / 8:00 PM Central / 7:00 PM Mountain / 6:00 PM Pacific.  Blogger's clock is the cutoff; bids at 9:00 will be honored, but not 9:01 or later.

3. Bidders will have two full days to bid in the comments (for example, if an item goes up Monday the 24th, that item will close at 9 PM on the 26th). When comments close, bidding is over. Highest bid with both contact info and $ amount included that posts with a timestamp of 9:00 or earlier wins. Winners receive an email from PensforPawsAuction @ yahoo dot com with instructions on how to pay.

4. In order to avoid bid manipulations, please DO NOT delete your comments/bids. If you make a mistake (like forgetting to include your contact info or bid), leave another comment. Blog moderators can see each comment as it comes in, so you will be disqualified if we see that you are deleting bids.

5. In the event a commenter does not claim their item within 24 HOURS, the next to last commenter will be declared the winner. ("Claiming" means that you respond to the email from PensforPawsAuction @ yahoo dot com, indicating you are still interested and are intending to pay for the item.)

6. Money will be paid directly through Fat Kitty City's PayPal button in the sidebar. Fat Kitty city is a non-profit, so your donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. PLEASE WAIT until AFTER we have confirmed you winner of your auction to make your payment.

7. Payment is due within one week of the close of your auction item.

8. Your PayPal receipt should serve as your proof for tax deduction needs, and you may also get a thank you letter from the kitties!

9. In the case of any items up for bid that involve critiques, ALL PAGES ARE TO BE DOUBLE SPACED WITH A TWELVE POINT TIMES NEW ROMAN FONT.

10. Organizers are not responsible for lost, forgotten, misplaced, or otherwise messed up items. All bids and items are donated in good faith. In the event of a dispute on which is the winning bid, the decision of Pens for Paws Auction organizers is final. Blogger outages/problems with the bid process are unfortunate, but out of control of the organizers.

11. If a listing is for a package, bids must be for all items in the package. You can go in with friends for the entire package, and we'll send it out to multiple winners as directed--but if you're bidding as a group, please bid as one contact/amount in the comments so that it's easier for everyone to keep track of.


We'll add more instructions as questions come up! Thank you so much!

* The writing community comes through again: these rules were adapted from those used by Kate Hart in the Help Write Now Auction, who adapted them from Do The Write Thing For Nashville -- thanks ladies!