Wednesday, May 10, 2017

2017 Wrap Up Post

I'm a little late posting a wrap-up (I had a book release May 2) but here are some stats for this year's Pens for Paws Auction:

🙀 4/26 $120
🙀 4/27 $397
🙀 4/28 $205
🙀 4/29 $135
🙀 4/30 $1165
For a total of = $2,022

Hooray! The kitties are so grateful for the help--especially since I recently heard that the driveway to the sanctuary washed away this winter, and had to be replaced (to the tune of 5 figures), yikes.

I am glad I was able to help Fat Kitty City this year, but this may be the last auction. I know for sure I will be taking 2018 off, as I have several books that need my attention. Plus, it gets harder to get commitments for donated items, as we're competing with several other auctions now. I hope to keep some sort of fund or food drive going for the kitties, so fingers crossed I can make that happen.

Meanwhile, I brought back some pictures to share, taken at the sanctuary on May 5th. Enjoy! (Be sure to turn your sound on for the video, to get the full effect of what a kitty heaven the sanctuary is)