Friday, July 18, 2014

Signed copy of Lark Rising by Sandra Waugh (September '14 Release)

This item is a little unusual in that since the book doesn't come out until September, I'm donating some swag to hold you over until then! The actual package you'll receive with the winning bid will include an adjustable cuff bracelet and an IOU for the book from author Sandra Waugh:
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Lark Rising

Lark Rising Guardians of Tarnec, Book One
Coming from Random House Children's Books
September 23, 2014

When a hawk drops a feather in her lap one afternoon, it is the first sign that Lark's quiet world is about to shatter. Troths are coming, vicious troll-like creatures, intent on destroying the defenseless village of Merith just as they did years before. Lark is the one chosen to seek the legendary Riders—the twelve who can save Merith... if they agree.

Burdened with the Sight, Lark has rarely strayed beyond the fields by the cottage she shares with her grandmother and beloved cousin Evie. Strangers and crowds can quickly overwhelm; to journey into unknown territory to beg help promises to be a grueling challenge for one so shy.

But the dreaded Troths and mysterious Riders are only the first encounters of a much greater journey. Lark discovers she is one of the four Guardians of Tarnec, the most valuable pawns in an all-out battle between the Keepers of Balance and Breeders of Chaos. Lark is charged to find a stolen amulet and return it to the Keepers in a quest to save her world from destruction, a quest she is convinced she cannot complete. For even if she survives passage through the wild magic of Dark Wood and tomb-like tunnels of Myr Mountains to face the evil Breeders, Lark shares the search with Gharain, a young man who has haunted her visions, who she has fallen in love with, and who she has foreseen is fated to kill her.

The bracelet is a Tibetan-style adjustable cuff with vine and flower detailing

(please note that this green ceramic bowl is not included in the package, and is only used in the photo to hold up the bracelet)

This item will close on July 19, 2014, at 10:00 PM EST. Any bids placed after that time stamp will not be honored. Once the auction closes and payment from the highest bidder is confirmed, a request for a mailing address will be sent to the winner. Shipping will be to U.S. addresses only.


Luan said...

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Angelica R. Jackson said...

GayleK, you won the bid on this item! Please watch for an email from Pens for Paws.

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