Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thanks So Much to All the Bidders and Donors!

We surpassed all our humble aspirations, thank you! For a fundraising auction that was started on somewhat of a whim, we did darn good. Here are the numbers:

Monday's items earned: $290
Tuesday's items earned: $250
Wednesday's items earned: $265
Thursday's items earned: $346
Friday's items earned: $355
Saturday's items earned: $556
Sunday's items earned: $600

For a grand total of $2,662 dollars! And that's not including the donations that came in as cash rather than as payment for a bid.

That will go a long way for our kitties, so we can't thank you enough. We're already talking about whether we will try this again next year, since a lot of the grants we have depended upon in the past have dried up.

We're still waiting on a few payments for auction items, so remember you need to get your item paid for within 7 days of its closing. Otherwise, someone else may get the happy news that the item they thought they missed out on is now theirs due to a default! The PayPal button in the sidebar will remain active, for your payments and any late donations.

So thank you again, to all the bidders and the donors--we couldn't have done it without you!

P.S. Just wanted to add that running this auction was a personal triumph for me. For those of you who don't know, I was diagnosed and treated for thyroid cancer last year. I'm now cancer-free, but it's been a battle to maintain a reliable level of energy while they find my correct dosage of thyroid replacement.
This auction took way more time and energy than I anticipated, but I'm proud to say that I not only met the challenge, I continued to work on my writing projects as well. Although, the housecleaning and homecooking did suffer!
It's nice to feel like my old, capable self again. And I was able to repay the kitties for all the love and affection they gave me on the days where if all I was able to do that day was drive to the sanctuary and sit with the cats, that was enough.


Write Life said...

Hi! I'm a thyroid gal as well. Been on it for twenty years now and my dose hasn't changed! It will get better once they find that correct level. Promise!
You should be very proud of your auction. It was a huge success with tremendous support from the community!
Well done, and keep well!

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